Healing from illness or injury is good. Staying healthy is better.

We offer multiple wellness therapies, including primary care and personal injury, as well as therapies found outside the realm of Western medicine. Our approach also includes Eastern traditions like acupuncture and Chinese herbs, massage therapy and chiropractic.

A wide range of traditional and alternative therapies

When you are stricken by an illness, injury, or disability, you deserve to live your life as free from pain and suffering as possible. We can help you find natural drug-free alternatives to traditional medicine.

No Health Insurance? No Family Doctor? No Problem!

Our Physician/Patient Cooperative works by organizing patients and physicians into a health care cooperative that has resulted in affordable access to licensed healthcare providers and superior healthcare outcomes, without third-party insurance involvement.

Recovering from an accident? Our doctors can help.

When you're injured, chronic pain is just one of the issues you may be facing. Our doctors understand the complexities of chronic pain management, so you have a better chance at complete recovery.

We have a wide array of products to help you maintain your health and wellness

Our selection of products includes a vast array of Chinese herbs, traditional vitamins and minerals, as well as informational seminars on nutrition, cooking, and exercise programs designed for people with different abilities.

OMMP Services

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Privacy Policy

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